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WordPress plugin: ACF Mapbox geoJSON field

Jens Nilsson on

I've just released an add-on for Advanced Custom Fields that adds the Mapbox geoJSON field-type. The field has a graphical interface for editing geoJSON-data, drawing PolyLines, Polygons, Rectangles as well as adding markers directly on a map. The plugin is available in the WordPress plugin directory.

The data

The data that the field produces is saved and retrieved as a string of geoJSON-formatted data. Read more about this data-format over at

Below is an example where I've used all of the current features of the field to create a FeatureCollection with four Features.

The geoJSON-formatted data stored for this specific map looks like this:



I've chosen to also use Mapbox to render the data onto a map on my frontend but you can also render it to a Google Maps map via the data layer.


The field require you to have an access token and a map ID from Mapbox to be rendered correctly in wp-admin, it's quite easy to set up. In your map-project you can choose the style of the map that will be displayed.