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CC0 Resources

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A "curated" list of curated lists/websites that provides downloadable and in most cases searchable, CC0 media. Mostly for personal reference but someone might find it helpful so here they are.



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WordPress plugin: ACF Mapbox geoJSON field

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I've just released an add-on for Advanced Custom Fields that adds the Mapbox geoJSON field-type. The field has a graphical interface for editing geoJSON-data, drawing PolyLines, Polygons, Rectangles as well as adding markers directly on a map. The plugin is available in the WordPress plugin directory.

The data

The data that the field produces is saved and retrieved as a string of geoJSON-formatted data. Read more about this data-format over at geojson.org.

Below is an example where I've used all of the current features of the field to create a FeatureCollection with four Features.

WordPress on Steroids (node.js)

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This article is about separating WordPress from the frontend responsibility, getting rid of the suboptimal hairballs of PHP mixed with HTML that is WordPress-templates and letting Node.js handle rendering and caching while still letting WordPress do what it's good at, being the admin interface.

The setup

The setup uses Nginx, Apache, Node.js and WordPress to be able to have complete control of how a request flows through all the different layers.


Nginx job in this setup is to act as the entry-point for all requests and a reverse-proxy that decides if a request should be handled by Node.js, the WordPress-installation or in the case of images, go straight to the hard drive.